Die Normalien für den Werkzeug- und Formenbau!

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We have a complete production system to ensure that the goods are qualified


When there is a problem in production, we will solve it for you at the first time.



We have high-precision machines and high-quality team, to ensure product size


We are located in China's largest and most concentrated area, rich in resources.

Customized Precision parts for Mould & Die

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Quality first, reasonable price, delivery on time, service-oriented
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  • Shanghai Volkswagen


Our company is a professional design, manufacture plastic mold manufacturers.


Kunshan YSL Precision Mould Co.,Ltd

YSL is your reliable supplier in the manufacturing of high precision special parts for injection mould and stamping die, covering a wide range of technical applications and business sectors(Automotive, Electronic, Medical, Cosmetic Packaging…). 

The company started up as a plastic mould-maker since 2005 ;then expanded its business area into machining high precision part.

From feasibility study to full production start-up and follow-up, YSL proposes multiple patented technologies and can provide turnkey solutions such as: Mould assembly, trial,CAD,CAE…

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